Reprocessing, Drying and Storage

Reprocessing Systems


Wassenburg is the specialist in flexible endoscope reprocessing for more than 30 years.
In 2013, HOYA Group set up a joint venture with Wassenburg Medical B.V. in the field of AER (Automatic Endoscopy Reprocessing) Press Releases

The complete Wassenburg product range. Safety. Quality. Reliability.
All WASSENBURG® Endoscope washer-disinfectors are manufactured to the highest standards and meet the requirements of the EN ISO 15883 parts 1 and 4 and the HTM 01-06. An effective washing and disinfection process is crucial, yet the logistics around this process are just as important. Both the drying and conditioning cabinets as well as Process Manager, the traceability and management software are therefore a vital part of the total reprocessing process of endoscopes between patient treatments.


Drying and Storage Systems

Research shows that to create and maintain an endoscopy’s disinfected status, complete drying is an absolute necessity(1).

As part of its Triple Aim program, PENTAX Medical continues to act for improved hygiene control and reduced infection and patient risk with the PlasmaBiotics System.

The unique and innovative combination:

For perfect drying

For secure storage

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